Tikidanki Ntundi

CPT (Ret), U.S. Army

The Euphoric Palace was started by Tiki Ntundi (aka Queen T) in 2019 after Tiki experienced tremendous health issues during her career as an United States Army Officer.

The need for self care became very evident, so Tiki began looking for holistic, natural ways to manage chronic pain to help revive her life.

This search for a better quality of life birthed The Euphoric Palace, and our flagship products – Happy Bombs™, Healthy Bombs™ and Chillax Bombs™.

why we chose the euphoric palace
for our company name

Euphoria is defined as a feeling of well-being or elation. And that’s what Tiki felt when she had finally discovered something that allowed her to feel relief from her chronic pain. That has turned into our company’s mission-to create 100% organic self-care products that allow our customers to discover their own sense of well-being and elation that comes form taking care of your mind, body and spirit.

We’re focused on creating products that give you a little bit of luxury, in your home at your convenience. And yes, a sense of euphoria!

Why our products are special

Our bath bombs are holistic treats that aid the body with managing pain, soothing your spirit with aromatic scents, moisturizing your skin, and even helping get rid of bacteria with antibacterial properties. Now, you can also enjoy the tranquility, rejuvenation, peace and decreased pain Tiki found by using our special bath bombs.

When you purchase products from The Euphoric Palace, you’ll feel good from using our products, and also in knowing your purchase is supporting a disabled female veteran and minority owned small business.

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