Tikidanki Ntundi

CPT (Ret), U.S. Army

My experiences have taught me that we must be tenacious and resilient. Life will always have deep waters and fires; however, when we refuse to be conquered and rely on the Word of God, our lives become fulfilled. The simplicity of God’s plan for us makes life worth living. Understanding who I am as a “chosen generation and a royal priesthood” makes this tumultuous journey to healing and authentic self-worth every pain and heartache.

My name is Tikidanki (Tiki) Ntundi; also known as “Queen T” and I am a multi-faceted woman–– a child of God, and now, an entrepreneur, a make-up artist and nail tech, a sister, a friend, an overcomer, and so much more. But above all, a soldier at heart, in spirit, and flesh. As a soldier, I earned the nickname, “Combat Barbie.”

Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, I settled in Minnesota, then Virginia, where I still reside. I have earned a B.S. in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA, and an M.S. in Human Services and Counseling Psychology from Capella University. My passion is psychology and its practical application in daily living, examining how it shapes/reshapes an individual’s perspective on life. I have also completed over two years of coursework on a PhD in Performance Psychology. But, my part is hence changed one more time 😊

During my sophomore year of college, I took a break from my studies and the hospital to join the US Army. After serving over three years as a specialist (E4), I got directly commissioned as a second lieutenant and continued with the field of logistics and later deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Upon my return from Afghanistan, I experienced a worsening condition – Fibromyalgia! After several years of battling hospitals and wrong diagnoses, I was medically retired in 2015. Since then, I have continued to try to regain control of my life.

Talks of beginning my own business soon came to reality as I completed the Dog Tag fellowship and began to put my ideas to reality. The need for self-care became very evident, so a holistic and natural way to manage chronic pain seemed like the best option since big pharma had persistently and consistently disappointed me. The trials and errors have been very costly on a tight budget but my holistic approach to beauty and wellness business became feasible as I focused on handcrafted bath bombs. The Euphoric Palace quickly progressed to whipped body butter, coffee scrub, and now the Euphoric Elixir™. This search for a better quality of life birthed The Euphoric Palace, and our flagship products – Happy Bombs™, Healthy Bombs™ and Chillax Bombs™. Every product, much like The Euphoric Palace, is meant to be a “one-stop-shop/product” with multiple uses.

why we chose the euphoric palace
for our company name

Euphoria is defined as a feeling of well-being or elation. And that’s what I felt when I finally discovered something that allowed me to feel some relief from her chronic pains. This quickly became our company’s mission – to create 100% organic self-care products that allow our customers to discover the sense of well-being and elation that comes from taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.

We’re focused on creating products that give you a little bit of luxury, in your home at your convenience. And yes, a sense of euphoria!

Why our products and services are special

The Euphoric Palace is not only a business of products and services but a concept that seeks to bring healing to the mind, body, and spirit of those around, which will include individuals also taking inventory of themselves and their choices as they seek to be and feel better. 

The Euphoric Palace was launched in April 2020, right as the COVID-19 pandemic started. Launching a wellness venture in the middle of an ongoing public health crisis has been challenging, but gratifying. I thank Dog Tag a great deal for helping me to pull out my dream and company bringing it to life and helping me to believe it was possible.

My goal is to continue to be an inspiration to people and as The Euphoric Palace grows, a true holistic center offering a range of services to help people to heal their mind, body, and soul will be born.

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